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Steve Glass

Steve Glass

Director of Planning and Transportation, City of Rogers

Steve Glass is originally from Dallas Texas. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington in 1983. He is a Professional Engineer, registered to practice in Texas, Washington, and in Arkansas. Steve has worked as Project Engineer and Project Manager for various construction companies, as well as Engineer for Public Utilities, Director of Public Works, and City Engineer in Texas, Washington and Arkansas. He joined the City of Rogers Team as Director of Planning and Transportation in September of 2003. He serves on the Northwest Arkansas Regional Planning Commission Policy Committee as well as other ad hoc committees.

During his tenure at the City of Rogers, the City has experienced exceptional growth, creating the need for infrastructure improvements, in streets and parks totaling in excess of 150,000,000, managed through the department of Planning and Transportation. The City has also recently completed a Strategic Plan for the Downtown Historic District and is experiencing a resurgence of activity and excitement in the Downtown Core. Some of the projects enhancing the Downtown activity include the construction of the Railyard, a cutting edge municipal bike park, the major expansion and re-creation of Lake Atalanta and the New Indoor/Outdoor Farmers Market, all inspired by the leadership of the mayor and council and executed through the tireless efforts of the talented staff of the Planning and Transportation Department.



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