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Timothy Breihan

Timothy Breihan

Principal at H3 Studio

Timothy Breihan is a Principal with H3 Studio, Inc. in St. Louis. Tim’s professional work has focused on the interrelation of architecture and urban design, exploring the ways in which built fabric, infrastructure, and the design of the public realm manifest and promote urbanism. He has extensive experience with adaptive rehabs, utilizing federal and state historic tax credits for both developer clients and non-profit community development organizations. He has conducted in-depth research into sustainable systems, including urban agriculture, bioremediation strategies and high performance, ecology-based green infrastructure and the impact that these systems can make on the design of urban spaces.

Tim worked on the Skinker DeBaliviere Urban Design and Development Plan for the City of St. Louis; the Delmar Loop and Forest Park-DeBaliviere Transit-Oriented Development Study; the Choice Neighborhood’s Transformation Plan for the City of Wellston, MO; the Parkview Gardens Parks and Neighborhood Plan for University City, MO; the City of St. Louis 2015-2019 Consolidated Plan; a Visioning Plan for the Tower Grove Neighborhoods; and the Central Corridor Transit Study for the Cortex District in St. Louis, MO.

Tim holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and a Master of Urban Design and a Master of Architecture from the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis.



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